Artist, GarbageMom and Illustrator.

Artist, GarbageMom and Illustrator.

Original & Commission Art


The GarbageMom book is here!

For only $10! What started as an Instagram challenge turned into the GarbageMom book! A picture book for moms....because we don't have time to read. 

Really, we have to make dinner. 


Get your GarbageMom on!

I've created cups, shirts and prints to share with your garbage people or to give to your GarbageMom.

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Book Services

Need a book illustrated?

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Frank the Tooth Fairy - Print


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The Fuck Off cup is here!


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About Me


My whimsically dark art is littered with strong female characters that make me want to howl at the moon or fly away on a broom. I'm obsessed with Halloween, sarcasm, tequila and making people laugh. I'm a watercolor artist that works hard at creating whimsy with a quirky sense of humor and originality.  All work here is original and beautiful!