Live Art!

Live Art!

I went to an event in Oakdale last Saturday night - it was awesome and I got so many compliments and questions. I was busy from the first hour and didn’t get to record a lot. I’d wished I’d taken some pictures but this was all I got:

Can you believe it?!

I’ll be more mindful of this on my next event. I’m definitely hooked though. It’s amazing to meet so many people and paint so much good art. The smiles from my customers! Do I feel like an artistic badass? Yes, yes I do.

One of the best parts was these two little girls that were just fascinated and traded me a tiny toy chicken for a painting of them. They peppered me with questions about how I drew them, painting the patterns on their clothes just right while my hands worked quickly. Fair trade! 

I have posted a link in my website offering my services - please let me know if I can answer any questions.

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