Pencil Commissions and other Artwork

It's been a while since I posted a blog. Super busy - I've been getting traction on my personal commission works which has been wonderful! I worked an event last Friday and I think I need to change up my game while I'm there. I find that people love seeing me actually draw. Since my work does take time, I do think I can figure out a way to do drawings that art simpler in design only to be made at events I attend.

I've made some bookmarks, but I'm not happy with how they are turning out. I might take a step back on those to perfect my method. So back to the drawing board with those!  The stickers are fabulous though - I sold a lot of those and I believe those are going to do well this year. 

BUT COLOR! I love the pencil look and will continue to do them - I did want to work on some pieces with color and really explore that. I'm working on one right now that I love - and the process is coming together nicely. Thanks for listening! Join me on all the socials - @melissastagi


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